How we use cookies

How do we use cookies at Immediate Media?

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We want to be transparent about the cookies we and our partners place and what they are used for, so you can best exercise control over them. You can consult our Privacy Policy for more information and manage your cookies settings for each of our websites by clicking on the cookies button on the applicable website.


We use cookies to provide you with a better experience across our digital platforms.  We do this by making our websites and apps functional, secure and convenient for you to use, and by showing you relevant and interesting content and advertising.

Some cookies are essential for the operation of our digital platforms and for accessing content on our websites. Without these necessary cookies, our websites would not perform as smoothly for you as we would like them to and we might not be able to provide certain services or features. For example, we use cookies to ensure access to some content is only available to registered users or subscribers.

We also use cookies to deliver the following services on our digital platforms:

  • To recognise your device so you don’t have to give the same information repeatedly;
  • To remember your username and password (if requested) so you don’t need to enter your details each time you visit the website;
  • To provide a smooth and secure experience if you are purchasing a product or service via our digital platforms;
  • To select and deliver content that is interesting and relevant to you;
  • To record what people like and don’t like on the website and the popularity of different sections of the website so that we can ensure it works properly at points of high usage;
  • To collect, measure and analyse statistical information about website traffic and use (for further information see “Analytics on our websites” section);
  • To detect and track fraudulent or illegal activity;
  • To select and deliver advertising that is interesting and relevant to you (for further information see “Advertising on our websites” section); and
  • To link you to other affiliate websites and services.

We use third parties to deliver some of these services to you, who will also drop their own cookies, and you can find information regarding each of these third party vendors by clicking on the cookies button on the applicable website.

We also need to drop a cookie to record your permission for us to use cookies on our digital platforms.


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